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My Link Personal Receiver (03)



  • Unique Roger technology
  • Accessible to any hearing instrument with a Tcoil
  • Internal manual volume control
  • Two loop lengths
  • No frequency management needed
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Roger MyLink (03) Receiver has an inductive neckloop, worn around the neck, and works with any hearing aid or cochlear implant sound processor that has a Telecoil. It can also provide hearing assistance, by using headphones, for people who are hard of hearing but do not use hearing aids.

This receiver has an on / off switch, volume control and powered by a rechargeable battery. Another useful feature is an audible beep that tells you that the microphone is not switched on or the receiver is not paired (connected) with the microphone.

The MyLink (03) is compatible with the following Roger Microphones: Pen, EasyPen, Clip-on Mic and Table Mic.

The Roger MyLink DOES NOT work with Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger inspiro, Pass-around Mic and Roger Soundfield.

The Roger MyLink type 03 receiver is not compatible with any of the older generation of Phonak Radio Aids: SmartLink, ZoomLink, EasyLink or lower specified Inspiro’s.


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