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Manual ‘No Break’ Call Point, surface


  • Certified to EN54 Parts 11 (LPCB) and 13 (BSI).
  • Smooth-action resettable element mimics the feel of breaking glass.
  • Supplied with a red back box, reset key and ‘Not in Use’ label.
  • Red LED ‘alarm ring’ illuminates call point face upon activation.
  • Photoluminescent operating window remains visible for up to 5 minutes.
  • Note an additional BF370SFP red flush mounting plate is required if you wish to flush mount the BF370S.


Approvals/certifications Certified to EN54 Parts 11by the LPCB and 13 by the BSI.
Supply/operating voltage 4.5-30Vdc
Product dimensions (mm) 87 W x 88 H x D 62mm (includes back box).
Construction & finish Red ABS.
IP Rating IP42.
Weight TBC.
Properties Supplied with a 470Ω & 680Ω resistor (value selected by wiring connection).
Operating conditions/temperature -30ºC to +70ºC.


BF370SC Protective cover for BF370S manual call point
BF370SFP Optional red flush mount plate (required for surface mounting a BF370S call point)
BF370SK Test key for BF370S manual call point


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